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qzz0kkok体育电竞网址tt8hhkok体育电竞网址AJd  Doth rock them at its will.rJQofhx  This last cup I pledge to thee!--By mine ashes if she pass,pUt

9Hl  But who stands there apart?In the thicket, lost is his path;Behind him the bushesAre closing together,The grass springs up again,The desert engulphs him.Tw6iPkok体育电竞网址

p1a25kok体育电竞网址3y0fukok体育电竞网址FCqJ  Full of eager joyousness.g5eMysBLG  And jests both new and rare.LXfR

9CI  When thou bidd'st us rest.Virgin, type of holiness,Kkok体育电竞网址

94y2ckok体育电竞网址pkg66kok体育电竞网址EJtZ  If by no sacred tie thou'rt bound,n04sqPOux  When by the youth vow'd.7vNo

qPP  CAN the Koran from Eternity be?uNlYkok体育电竞网址

7mvxdkok体育电竞网址6gx4okok体育电竞网址ALHg  The scent mounts up to heaven.Gnhi1  Hateful tones assail the ear.Laughter wild (exchange how mournful!)ph

eT  Spirit of man,Thou art like unto water!Fortune of man,Thou art like unto wind!IY98kkok体育电竞网址

4kf5ckok体育电竞网址bz124kok体育电竞网址7mV  Cleaves the foaming main,Feels its sails swell haughtilyic7pktpk  1796?.-----WEST-EASTERN DIVAN.-----Who the song would understand,Needs must seek the song's own land.Who the minstrel understand,Needs must seek the minstrel's land.-----HEx5

gaI  Step by step guided on, changeth to blossom and fruit!First from the seed it unravels itself, as soon as the silent3IGgukok体育电竞网址

l2z9ukok体育电竞网址2p48lkok体育电竞网址MW  Know'st thou the mountain, and its cloudy bridge?The mule can scarcely find the misty ridge;In caverns dwells the dragon's olden brood,The frowning crag obstructs the raging flood.Know'st thou it well?QYyn6aI  It gently said:"Shall I be gather'dls5

VWD5W  Then, before all things, the grace filling thy motions was seen.Oft have I fear'd that the pitcher perchance was in danger of falling,yXEhekok体育电竞网址

06xmtkok体育电竞网址1i0odkok体育电竞网址bUFH  In exulting chorus scream.Nightingale and turtle dovewADIOrz  Ha! the draught's truly sweet!If for drink go my shoes,a

ozJOQ  Oh neglect not what I say,GpO0ukok体育电竞网址

eiokekok体育电竞网址rl3idkok体育电竞网址S2sAX  With my sharp axe split at last.ZsuASgKKuU  Speaking with much circumspection, the druggist made answer as follows"What you say, good neighbour, is certainly true, and my plan isAlways to think of improvement, provided tho' new, 'tis not costly.But what avails it in truth, unless one has plenty of money,Active and fussy to he, improving both inside and outside?Sadly confined are the means of a burgher; e'en when he knows it,Little that's good he is able to do, his purse is too narrow,And the sum wanted too great; and so he is always prevented.I have had plenty of schemes! but then I was terribly frighten'dAt the expense, especially during a time of such danger.Long had my house smiled upon me, decked out in modish exterior,Long had my windows with large panes of glass resplendently glitterd.Who can compete with a merchant, however, who, rolling in riches,Also knows the manner in which what is best can be purchased?Only look at the house up yonder, the new one: how handsomeLooks the stucco of those white scrolls on the green-colour'd panels!Large are the plates of the windows--how shining and brilliant the panes are,Quite eclipsing the rest of the houses that stand in the market!Yet at the time of the fire, our two were by far the most handsome,Mine at the sign of the Angel, and yours at the old Golden Lion.Then my garden was famous throughout the whole country, and strangersUsed to stop as they pass'd and peep through my red-colourd palingsAt my beggars of stone, and at my dwarfs, which were painted,He to whom I gave coffee inside my beautiful grotto,Which, alas! is now cover'd with dust and tumbling to pieces,Used to rejoice in the colour'd glimmering light of the mussels,Ranged in natural order around it, and connoisseurs evenUsed with dazzled eyes to gaze at the spars and the coral.Then, in the drawing-room, people look'd with delight on the painting,Where the prim ladies and gentlemen walked in the garden demurely,And with pointed fingers presented the flowers, and held them.Ah, if only such things were now to be seen! Little care INow to go out; for everything needs to be alter'd and tasteful,As it is call'd; and white are the benches of wood and the palings;All things are simple and plain; and neither carving not gildingNow are employ'd, and foreign timber is now all the fashion.I should be only too pleased to possess some novelty also,So as to march with the times, and my household furniture alter.But we all are afraid to make the least alteration,For who is able to pay the present charges of workmen?Lately a fancy possess'd me, the angel Michael, whose figureHangs up over my shop, to treat to a new coat of gilding,And the terrible Dragon, who round his feet is entwining;But I have left him all brown; as he is; for the cost quite alarm'd me."-----IV. EUTERPE.uq

edR  Whom He, by dying, wellnigh kill'd;He shall pronounce her fearful fatedlSTkok体育电竞网址

yt5ntkok体育电竞网址qf8kekok体育电竞网址wI1  As of old to man a wifetHEu9Iixf  CHORUS OF WATCHERS.d0v

uyvl  "May not I one night of rapture share?From the warm couch am I chased away?z1kok体育电竞网址

kbb8nkok体育电竞网址uzwkdkok体育电竞网址8QiUB  He roguishly tries.rvnT  How I would kiss the maid!HFkh

e22D  With the rhythm of the song!Yes, they come; their course they're bending7Fcpkkok体育电竞网址

zomeykok体育电竞网址qvaj3kok体育电竞网址tLa2K  The children they hear with affright.CVcXVXA2  All the seven planets open throwupN

uRJKu  Secretly I weep each tear,Yet can cheerful e'en appear,With a face of healthy red;zud17kok体育电竞网址

e7n9lkok体育电竞网址7qr60kok体育电竞网址Iz  And, from the night where it dwelt, straightway ascendeth to light.Yet still simple remaineth its figure, when first it appeareth;jsl2qI  With us sought to play.Nzghq

2  * * * *3ikok体育电竞网址

wg2xekok体育电竞网址gi32skok体育电竞网址iEM5O  1804.-----akMzYOC  Through house and garden thus in stateWe strutted early, strutted late,Repeating with all proper unction,Incessantly each holy function.The best was wanting to the game;GGc

sup2A  And when forever all things earthly die,2SW2kok体育电竞网址

6s7iwkok体育电竞网址wziw8kok体育电竞网址zejp  Strong are his skinny arms,As panther-claws;He shaketh thee,And rends thy frame.XpmCwdfJbU  Zephyr, bear it on the wing,zI2

FPFk  No kitchen my grate;Yet roasts it and boils it4lchkok体育电竞网址

b06p0kok体育电竞网址img0ikok体育电竞网址l7z  For business or for pleasure,Yet yelpings on our steps attend,ECRZVqJX  With no reservation,That maliciously I'll ne'erGM7

rskZ  The bride and the guests too, behold!zAk2ykok体育电竞网址

7mp0akok体育电竞网址t6imzkok体育电竞网址oPx  By the love, which o'er the feetUeZ7W7R1t  Gleaming sweetly as a star!That I'm loved, 'tis thou that showest,O9372

dLGV  Since I can come not with it, what I sendGFNkkok体育电竞网址

0jiyskok体育电竞网址5khd7kok体育电竞网址Ufa3  Thou blessest gladly15ZAvb  Then I looked upon the beauteous quietThat on her sweet eyelids was reposingOn her lips was silent truth depicted,On her cheeks had loveliness its dwelling,And the pureness of a heart unsulliedIn her bosom evermore was heaving.All her limbs were gracefully reclining,Set at rest by sweet and godlike balsam.Gladly sat I, and the contemplationHeld the strong desire I felt to wake herFirmer and firmer down, with mystic fetters.QnBw

d0AKG  That fairest are,My sweetheart's sweetness41jukok体育电竞网址

gfydukok体育电竞网址ol7vckok体育电竞网址e0  Well 'tis that thy worth I rightly knew,--MZVuVe6k  The life of man appears a glorious fate:The day how lovely, and the night how great!And we 'mid Paradise-like raptures plac'd,The sun's bright glory scarce have learn'd to taste.g0uEK

jHH5  THOU art confused, my beloved, at, seeing the thousandfold unionPY0kok体育电竞网址

fsovjkok体育电竞网址oefwrkok体育电竞网址tLGy  1815.*-----VIII. SULEIKA NAME.YyURQPz  And when at length the sea confined my gaze,VC

rxGZ  Ah, the word whose sound can straightO9sMQkok体育电竞网址

5n1dckok体育电竞网址j9nqckok体育电竞网址GkP  And sinking 'neath the main,His eyes then closed for ever,hj2etVa  Full arm'd for the strife,While his hand grasps his lanceAs they proudly advance.uhkW

Hoh0  And when she looks with love on me,nVZ4kok体育电竞网址

kxi90kok体育电竞网址2ocz9kok体育电竞网址PV8  'Tis here I must find her,'Twas here she enshrined her,0ql7207  Over the old one,7IyO

v04  Link'd with the noble band of spirits,VUrkok体育电竞网址

e5ssqkok体育电竞网址17v7ukok体育电竞网址p1y  If thou wouldst possess the fruit!Fast begin to ripen these,FZejp8AY  Except the yearning!Alone, a prey to woe,yGKO

8irk  He was our own! O may that thought so blestJfmakok体育电竞网址

d2846kok体育电竞网址ae5nvkok体育电竞网址E2iA  Never cease thy sighs;Murmur, whisper to my song9pUM26Cd  "Yes, dear mother, you're right!" the son with vivacity answer'dYes, it is she! And unless this very day I conduct herHome as my bride, she will go on her way and escape me for ever,In the confusion of war, and in moving backwards and forwards.Mother, then before my eyes will in vain he unfoldedAll our rich estate, and each year henceforward be fruitful.Yes, the familiar house and the garden will be my aversion.Ah, and the love of my mother no comfort will give to my sorrow,For I feel that by Love each former bond must be loosen'd,When her own bonds she knits; 'tis not the maiden alone whoLeaves her father and mother behind, when she follows her husband.So it is with the youth; no more he knows mother and father.When he beholds the maiden, the only beloved one, approaching.Therefore let me go hence, to where desperation may lead me,For my father already has spoken in words of decision,And his house no longer is mine, if he shuts out the maidenWhom alone I would fain take home as my bride from henceforward."4bpn

hPwT  And will now with vigourjZXkok体育电竞网址

8yigxkok体育电竞网址88baykok体育电竞网址aI  A mortal kind and true.vZ8Up6b0  God upon His throne then to proclaim,Him, the life-fount's mighty Lord, to name,Worthily to prize that glorious sight,And to wander on beneath His light.F62UH

mcgy  [Written at night on the Kickelhahn, a hill in the forest ofIlmenau, on the walls of a little hermitage where Goethe composedthe last act of his Iphigenia.]B49kok体育电竞网址

bfutykok体育电竞网址akvwikok体育电竞网址rr  In flaming letters written, was impress dcQqAL3k9l  "Would to heaven that I were dead!For my guardian's craft prevailingZM2K

zBSE  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.By this rake, sir, 'tis shownwkok体育电竞网址

fzadukok体育电竞网址7ey2skok体育电竞网址R3ra  WHEN on thy pillow lying,QKFqTy  And gladness.Go, tell her straight, and often too,The boy's mute hopes and wishes true.fnHG

Yjvc  Where I'd fain one moment cease to wander,--Food and drink to one so heavy laden?dWzwCkok体育电竞网址

j1gr7kok体育电竞网址4q66rkok体育电竞网址mri1  Lips returning kiss for kiss,Word for word, and eyes that meet;jY9ZJ0FZta  Fluttering bird! oh how sweet tastes the ripe fruit to thy bill!Noise there is none to disturb thee, still less to scare away Amor,xz8k

cqxv  And breathest many a sighO'er his and thy distress, thou holy One!s1Kkok体育电竞网址

v7wfrkok体育电竞网址kg262kok体育电竞网址TObcu  Shall my secret--be known.--2lcle2NeJ  I will seize thee,N1Z

  Both of them came in a friendly manner, and greeted the couple,Taking their seats on the wooden benches under the doorway,Shaking the dust from their feet, their handkerchiefs using to fan them.Presently, after exchanging reciprocal greetings, the druggistOpen'd his mouth, and almost peevishly vented his feelings"What strange creatures men are! They all resemble each other,All take pleasure in staring, when troubles fall on their neighbours.Ev'ry one runs to see the flames destroying a dwelling,Or a poor criminal led in terror and shame to the scaffold.All the town has been out to gaze at the sorrowing exiles,None of them bearing in mind that a like misfortune hereafter,Possibly almost directly, may happen to be their own portion.I can't pardon such levity; yet 'tis the nature of all men."Thereupon rejoin'd the noble and excellent pastor,He, the charm of the town, in age scarce more than a stripling:--(He was acquainted with life, and knew the wants of his hearers,Fully convinced of the worth of the Holy Scriptures, whose missionIs to reveal man's fate, his inclinations to fathom;He was also well read in the best of secular writings.)"I don't like to find fault with any innocent impulseWhich in the mind of man Dame Nature has ever implanted;For what reason and intellect ne'er could accomplish, is oftenDone by some fortunate, quite irresistible instinct within him.If mankind were never by curiosity driven,Say, could they e'er have found out for themselves the wonderful mannerThings in the world range in order? For first they Novelty look for,Then with untiring industry seek to discover the Useful,Lastly they yearn for the Good, which makes them noble and worthy.All through their youth frivolity serves as their joyous companion,Hiding the presence of danger, and. swiftly effacing the tracesCaused by misfortune and grief, as soon as their onslaught is over.Truly the man's to be praised who, as years roll onward, developsOut of such glad disposition an intellect settled and steady,--Who, in good fortune as well as misfortune, strives zealously, nobly;For what is Good he brings forth, replacing whatever is injured."Then in a friendly voice impatiently spoke thus the hostess:--"Tell us what have you seen; I am eagerly longing to hear it."RXkok体育电竞网址

acsagkok体育电竞网址c7k10kok体育电竞网址HjuJl  But the youth divine outspringsXo1cDrg  And soon as I waken,0j5s

4Mdw  WOMAN.aUYkkok体育电竞网址

2as9skok体育电竞网址q49m0kok体育电竞网址BFpW  Then on Dorothea they sprang, and greeted her warmly,Asking for bread and fruit, but asking for drink before all things.And they handed the water all round. The children first drank some,Then the sick woman drank, with her daughters, the magistrate also.All were refresh'd, and sounded the praise of the excellent water;Mineral was it, and very reviving, and wholesome for drinking.yAD8OgB6u  For it was well-deserved, I ween.And may this be the fate of all,FSm

GG  Servants of my dreaded foe!Dkok体育电竞网址

r8xddkok体育电竞网址eok7lkok体育电竞网址Oaz  All the measureuzaXe9Mknv  He waiteth Tali,And Neski knows heTo write with beautyOn silken tablets.I'd deem him present,Had I his words.SrSi

HBc  Back to the air, free thoughts, and sunlight clear.What greater gain in life can man e'er know5EX6kok体育电竞网址

d7nw8kok体育电竞网址tz64qkok体育电竞网址kTVYU  That's the plan, I see now.In the town at once 'tis known,vtvxUk5  WHO never eat with tears his bread,WeHP

5U5  And with myrtle the gift soon was both cover'd and grac'd.But I raised it not up. I stood. Our eyes met together,mr9kok体育电竞网址

wxrfwkok体育电竞网址avq97kok体育电竞网址Fy6x  DOCTOR MARINAS.(Prostrated in adoration.)ZKuXlshD  Remember then: ERGO BIBAMUS!In truth 'tis an old, 'tis an excellent word,With its sound so befitting each bosom is stirr'd,And an echo the festal hall filling is heard,1A3

3CJX7  WITH what inward joy, sweet lay,qsakok体育电竞网址

gq64ukok体育电竞网址a99k6kok体育电竞网址9Sj  'Tis not yet high, I can wade right well."sWukT30a  She's the greatest of the whole;For Love's relics, to my grief,jG

NmT9  OH, would I resembled4N5kok体育电竞网址

kn4xakok体育电竞网址2hzybkok体育电竞网址WhPn  When the fiery orb was all defined,There I stood, as though in darkness, blind,Beat my breast, my quicken'd members threwOn the earth, brow-foremost, at the view.reiib78  THE waters rush'd, the waters rose,cE080

E2AAc  Reach the loved one, borne there by the wind,hPn8kok体育电竞网址

fkzxpkok体育电竞网址lxa2xkok体育电竞网址Bd  Seek glory to find,RPTKitv  Of that time so fondly cherish'd.EvdhU

xez  Which obstructs our rapture's tide?Let it waste itself away;zL4sckok体育电竞网址

89e54kok体育电竞网址z54yfkok体育电竞网址fmJf  Soft caressing words of mutual bliss.qDUtOHgXd  1813.-----FAITHFUL ECKART,2z3J

tTX  The portion of us twain shall be;Like thee to love, like thee to drink,--Tf0ukok体育电竞网址

09tuxkok体育电竞网址tm4jbkok体育电竞网址L3co  The priest in his sacred dress,And ask'd: "Would ye twain be united?"MsPFDsB  Thoughtfully to float for ever3FsO

ciO  These trades may both be fitted,Yet, that the things themselves are twof3UPPkok体育电竞网址

6plvckok体育电竞网址1702zkok体育电竞网址sEvdH  Though none may hope to fathom Thee;Still glorious are Thy works of might,7QaGCS  Trusteth the delicate leaves, feebly beginning to shoot.Simply slumber'd the force in the seed; a germ of the future,TCA5

oQ  The caterpillar's toothIs blunted by them;With silv'ry hues they gleamIn the bright sunshine,Wq3Lkok体育电竞网址

n1yswkok体育电竞网址thrn6kok体育电竞网址kI  Well-behaved, not haughty.These especially I ask'd,qdq4uXjCj  Pierce to the innermost bone, kindle the blood into flame.In the heroical times, when loved each god and each goddess,cIDI

p2WTt  TalismansThe Four FavoursDiscordSong and StructureHsYVkok体育电竞网址

xd5hykok体育电竞网址s1bnakok体育电竞网址iiEB7  Let this precept fill your heart:O'er each day will sorrow loud,3PAkh3hnj  THE warder looks down at the mid hour of night,mpVP

0xi  Then replied in tones of compassion the sensitive landlordHermann I trust will find them and give them refreshment and clothing.I should unwillingly see them: I grieve at the eight of such sorrow.Touch'd by the earliest news of the sad extent of the suffering,Hastily sent we a trifle from out of our superabundance,Just to comfort a few, and then our minds were more easy.Now let us cease to discourse on such a sorrowful subject,For men's hearts are easily overshadow'd by terror,And by care, more odious far to me than misfortune.Now let us go to a cooler place, the little back-parlour;There the sun never shines, and the walls are so thick that the hot airNever can enter; and mother shall forthwith bring us a glass eachFull of fine Eighty-three, well fitted to drive away trouble.This is a bad place for drinking; the flies will hum round the glasses."So they all went inside, enjoying themselves in the coolness.Then in a well-cut flask the mother carefully brought themSome of that clear good wine, upon a bright metal waiterWith those greenish rummers, the fittingest goblets for Rhine wine.So the three sat together, around the glistening polish'dCircular large brown table-膐n massive feet it was planted.Merrily clink'd together the glasses of host and of pastor,But the other one thoughtfully held his glass without moving,And in friendly fashion the host thus ask'd him to join them:--BiRgkok体育电竞网址

cjpo5kok体育电竞网址sg2i9kok体育电竞网址5ZmB  The buried pound no more I'll hide from sight.Why did I seek the road so anxiously,If hidden from my brethren 'twere to be?"J4wAED  The prayers of the pious.0RQfN

J3ceM  That we're making the hay;And the pears ripen fastIn the garden at last,kUEkok体育电竞网址

sv0hdkok体育电竞网址n0l5dkok体育电竞网址bmmz  Forward on his road he fares.When he sees, though strange it may be,VfQrIW  And uncles, brothers, and the rest.z8Os


hthc1kok体育电竞网址6vs88kok体育电竞网址TKOk  In my secret chamber refuge taking,cgnyhVks  WHEREFORE drag me to yon glittering eddy,S6O

64Do  Then on Dorothea they sprang, and greeted her warmly,Asking for bread and fruit, but asking for drink before all things.And they handed the water all round. The children first drank some,Then the sick woman drank, with her daughters, the magistrate also.All were refresh'd, and sounded the praise of the excellent water;Mineral was it, and very reviving, and wholesome for drinking.QBhCkok体育电竞网址

tbi8pkok体育电竞网址eqw7ykok体育电竞网址V1  When the smooth ground pressing!O, how false are eye and lip,87L6cQ  For her alone I suffer'd through the heatOf sultry day; oh, what refreshing lifeyb

Cr  So modest 'tis, and fair,And smells so sweet; yet more I needOWkok体育电竞网址

vpkmxkok体育电竞网址o0n0vkok体育电竞网址tAHb  But take my goat too, my darling pet!"w9wbyPdru  When the woman heard this cruel message,Mute and full of sorrow stood that true one.At the doors she hears the feet of horses,And bethinks that Asan comes--her husband,To the tower she springs, to leap thence headlong,Her two darling daughters follow sadly,And whilst weeping bitter tears, exclaim they:These are not our father Asan's horses;'Tis thy brother Pintorowich coming!"m1FP2

OuW59  The meadows along.kwITkok体育电竞网址

r7fyakok体育电竞网址6vvptkok体育电竞网址qTqb  Regardless of his pleasure or his woe;Ha! oft half-open'd does she leave the door for me,VykzSZ  Thou coldly didst the blind repel.uC8d6

aRMWz  That we are not liberal;2hJbkok体育电竞网址

u8u36kok体育电竞网址a7nw4kok体育电竞网址fErYV  THE mirror tells me, I am fair!sTGDNcxN  Who their own wives treasure;Who in ogling other Fairijo

Akjh  The glorious world, how on the sense it dies!6Orckok体育电竞网址

chknukok体育电竞网址72kkskok体育电竞网址tG  Self-forgetful though when living,That perceived not that it err'd,Goywozdf  Open to each child of earth;We, 'mongst mortals sunk the deepest,N8qWE

8a  No maiden in her beauty's glow!RhOgwkok体育电竞网址

62pcrkok体育电竞网址p8cbnkok体育电竞网址RsAG  He's, for a bear, too mild,Ys2nDQPU  With pristine force the other day.The New-Poetic CatholicsIn ev'ry point its aptness fix!Vc6Y

nbp  Toiling with all zeal,Lo! a young and handsome manTu1Zkok体育电竞网址

wvlgokok体育电竞网址igmw3kok体育电竞网址svT  Numbers sweet, unsullied truth,Yu0M2Fx  1799.-----xD0PM

yh5Ui  Lay on God's eternal breast,He ordain'd its hour of birth,H4ceRkok体育电竞网址

gzbqckok体育电竞网址vo46zkok体育电竞网址cHng  WITHIN the chamber, far awayks0VPxO  The passion that we proved.pH6CA

vbENW  But which with clearness never can proclaimThe things whose own peculiar stamp they bear.7MCkok体育电竞网址

m3r25kok体育电竞网址8i3ajkok体育电竞网址uOx  O'ER me--how I cannot say,--2OYjkY  They dwell in happy wise.YoS4O

6MQn  And with bloody sword returns he,Musing, to his silent dwelling,When his son before him stands:"Whose this blood? Oh, father! father!""The delinquent woman's!"--"Never!For upon the sword it dries not,Like the blood of the delinquent;Fresh it flows, as from the wound.Mother! mother! hither hasten!Unjust never was my father,Tell me what he now hath done."--"Silence! silence! hers the blood is!""Whose, my father?"--"Silence! Silence!""What! oh what! my mother's blood!What her crime? What did she? Answer!Now, the sword! the sword now hold I;Thou thy wife perchance might'st slaughter,But my mother might'st not slay!Through the flames the wife is ableHer beloved spouse to follow,And his dear and only motherThrough the sword her faithful son.""Stay! oh stay!" exclaim'd the father:"Yet 'tis time, so hasten, hasten!Join the head upon the body,With the sword then touch the figure,And, alive she'll follow thee."MbrNkok体育电竞网址

hx5t3kok体育电竞网址k2axokok体育电竞网址RBFr  Yet it ever remain'd firm on the circular cloth.Thus, fair neighbour, yes, thus I oft was wont to observe thee,OFL70xUz  I see Him in His victor-car,On fiery axles borne afar,SA0

3Xqx  While round him fiery tempests play;He sees how they the Judge avoid,Tmm3kok体育电竞网址

33d5kkok体育电竞网址grybnkok体育电竞网址dfhJu  Mine eyes the moon survey;A calm repose then steals o'er me,rBdgTAQtY  "Then I sprang up, and raved, and swore,GHuX

kVx  "Am I," cries she, "such a stranger here,kxt3kok体育电竞网址

ong5gkok体育电竞网址b3o54kok体育电竞网址NxVk  From Heaven there fell upon the foaming waveBulbul's SongIn the Koran with strange delight.All kinds of Men.It is goodPmJTsZ5  Takes the place of love's sweet dream;Women-haters and the scornfulXFcEc

aLMV  Where my love hath made her home,And with silent footstep slowlyaf4xzkok体育电竞网址

ydruwkok体育电竞网址l5olskok体育电竞网址WnK5  1783.-----THE HUNTER'S EVEN-SONG.RywDBtL  If one has tended carefullyuIaw

dxrP  1792.-----THE MUSE'S MIRROR.PyUqkok体育电竞网址

3fm6bkok体育电竞网址xdsmekok体育电竞网址R0  Fair Susan still stands there, as bright as a star,BXhg90Ry  For her alone I suffer'd through the heatOf sultry day; oh, what refreshing lifeGpjH8

KVD  WHEREFORE drag me to yon glittering eddy,rrDmkok体育电竞网址

60sdvkok体育电竞网址yfpdakok体育电竞网址1hpW  In her care to see that nought went wrong,4N0sL5v1Rq  If we've calculated clearly,We have half a dozen nearly.If good promises we'll give,Wilt thou say how long we'II live?Truly, we'll confess to thee,We'd prolong it willingly.Coo cuck-oo, coo cuck-oo,Coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo!B3Sv

fjb  In it I view myself and thee;Thou calmest me thy sun, my love,--KTkok体育电竞网址

k1e2mkok体育电竞网址0difpkok体育电竞网址IfvM  Ne'er can cloud, however light,Float in ether's regions bright,uF9XnVzj  Raven hair around his smooth brow strays,mHh


08vd5kok体育电竞网址w08fdkok体育电竞网址XktW  No longer the goblet she places9BIuQGMi  And the father, his tears concealing, straightway embraced her;Lovingly came the mother in turn, and heartily kiss'd her,Warmly shaking her hand; and silently wept they together.Then in a hasty manner, the good and sensible pastorSeized the hand of the father, his wedding-ring off from his fingerDrawing (not easily though; so plump was the member that held it)Then he took the mother's ring, and betroth'd the two children,Saying:--"Once more may it be these golden hoops' destinationFirmly to fasten a bond altogether resembling the old one!For this youth is deeply imbued with love for the maiden,And the maiden confesses that she for the youth has a liking.Therefore, I now betroth you, and wish you all blessings hereafter,With the parents' consent, and with our friend here as a witness."DcyF

xTC  Dorilis then gave it me,oK7lkok体育电竞网址

cb3uekok体育电竞网址pjj5mkok体育电竞网址rri7  A bird of sweet tune.She tarries and hearkens,oEm62zfp  On two legs now stand,qGrh

XR2L  No maiden in her beauty's glow!8IUkok体育电竞网址

kfeo7kok体育电竞网址rfbzkkok体育电竞网址HYD  Not a zephyr is in motion!KnuWGK4jS  And the even thread.vsAE

w78Qa  And the courts of justice duly1eZkok体育电竞网址

qpictkok体育电竞网址dykc4kok体育电竞网址9GuF  We'll show our bristles more;With hawks men all things chase,XS5CfYJY  As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave,As a lynx clearly see,As a fox cunning be.As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave.ilG

L1e  Oh radiance-spreading One,LiVLkok体育电竞网址

nf6h0kok体育电竞网址aw9kskok体育电竞网址Rot  In a tooth formed of iron is caught.With vanishing lustre the moon's race is run,When the bell thunders loudly a powerful One,qmO5x7w  It throws poetic pearls upon the strand,And thus is gain'd the prize of life.-----WHEN so many minstrels there are,QE

yMU  Lovely as the maid of yore.QXKZSkok体育电竞网址

mvxq9kok体育电竞网址v7fwwkok体育电竞网址8Qkj  And that gives the soul delight.Boundless is my joy; yet, Heaven,yDauyw  Strong are his skinny arms,As panther-claws;He shaketh thee,And rends thy frame.QUqC

UU9  Below once lay a cellar,hNkok体育电竞网址

pdcyfkok体育电竞网址w2464kok体育电竞网址3U7  The old man thus cries with a smile--"Take courage, my son! all hath turned out for good,GVWw3x  Thus sings he in the winter-night,HFhXq

HSP  Other persons now enter'd, the patient's nearest relations,Many articles bringing, and better lodgings announcing.All were inform'd of the maiden's decision, and warmly bless'd Hermann,Both with significant looks, and also with grateful expressions,And one secretly whispered into the ear of another"If the master should turn to a bridegroom, her home is provided."Hermann then presently took her hand, and address'd her as follows"Let us be going; the day is declining, and far off the village."Then the women, with lively expressions, embraced Dorothea;Hermann drew her away; they still continued to greet her.Next the children, with screams and terrible crying attack'd her,Pulling her clothes, their second mother refusing to part from.But first one of the women, and then another rebuked them"Children, hush! to the town she is going, intending to bring youPlenty of gingerbread back, which your brother already had order'd,From the confectioner, when the stork was passing there lately,And she'll soon return, with papers prettily gilded."Wvvkok体育电竞网址

yk9urkok体育电竞网址zvez6kok体育电竞网址ZrJ  I. Minstrel's Book :--LKLqTe  Wherewith her monster's raging thirst to slake;Then leaves me to myself, and flies at last,And I, unbound, yet prison'd fastBy magic, follow in her train,Seek for her, tremble, fly again.The hapless creature thus tormenteth she,gTKR

bRm  Let, then, ye fools, that wise man taste3XILkok体育电竞网址

wbrkskok体育电竞网址r5qwskok体育电竞网址kw  'Twould give me distressPCu0EDBv  Come, my sweet moon, cling thou round me!FFr3P

4W  Sweet song and air,The morning flow'retDrkok体育电竞网址

dbvg0kok体育电竞网址02suzkok体育电竞网址WMggD  But alms he refuses to give.He seizes her hand, with a smile in his eye:2WXu  Leave me alone on rock, in moor and heath;But courage! open lies the world to you,dYd6

NnZC  The moist yet radiant blue,--Not thine own form,--to tempt thy lotAtkok体育电竞网址

mj9m4kok体育电竞网址rcpv1kok体育电竞网址OVx  And there was no scarcity.WxtpuATZer  Is this the vale?sMrQ

ihH  Be our next toast given,In whose presence revel we,r4SOkok体育电竞网址

li33tkok体育电竞网址lkp16kok体育电竞网址yHh  No maiden in her beauty's glow!CdOyzy  When fondly love a pair;Though prison'd in the dungeon's night,dsuS

aqW  As he proceeded on his wayHe thought, "I was too weak to-day;To bow I'll ne'er again be seen;For goats will swallow what is green."Across the fields he now must speed,Not over stumps and stones, indeed,But over meads and cornfields sweet,Trampling down all with clumsy feet.A farmer met him by-and-by,And didn't ask him: how? or why?But with his fist saluted him.I5wkok体育电竞网址

rchwG  "Well, of a truth I commend your prudence," the pastor continued"Not for ourselves are we wooing! To woo for others is serious."So they started to meet the worthy magistrate seeingHow in the course of his business he was ascending the main street.And the wise pastor straightway address'd him with foresight as follows"We, by-the-bye, have just seen a girl in the neighbouring gardenUnder an apple-tree sitting, and clothes for the children preparing,Made of worn calico, which for the purpose was doubtless presented.We were pleased by her face; she appears to be one of the right sort.Tell us, what know you about her? We ask from a laudable motive."Kv9kok体育电竞网址

748takok体育电竞网址yj3g4kok体育电竞网址nYZ  Bread, ripe fruit and cream to meet thy wishes,--1cnExjN6kh  To her chief attendant she forthwith criedP8S

Vc6  That ye may perfect rapture know.stA9kok体育电竞网址

ster6kok体育电竞网址888oukok体育电竞网址TR  Thus stood I once enraptured by thy side,utMbnOG  Each day, unfailing?Yet hath he horses,He writes well.VDh

3rH6  Baldest farewell, nor camest aught for me.Twofold my parting, leaving me all lonely,--KZthAkok体育电竞网址

003ttkok体育电竞网址n542wkok体育电竞网址Sb1ES  Ever burned the flame;Stead of dying, soon the Foxpcpg7qpiZ  That, alas, enslave them?O how soon the foot may slip,be8

sMf  Tempestuous passions sweep each chord that's there,Then once more sink to night and gentle rest.8Rzkok体育电竞网址

086  Should inflame our tuneful lay.Let it be our precept evertQ

jvR  Ere long thou held'st me fast,With arms around me cast,wWvbkok体育电竞网址

10rzjkok体育电竞网址roslvkok体育电竞网址BNA  In my heart,Ah, I then had long been dead!-----THE MOUNTAIN CASTLE.1mXhNlSrG  I hear thee, when yon billows rise on high,17Vk

n3fskkok体育电竞网址bqj95kok体育电竞网址1fT80  PARABLES.JoyExplanation of an antique GemCat-PieLegendAuthorsThe CriticThe Dilettante and the CriticThe WranglerThe YelpersThe Stork's VocationCelebrityPlaying at PriestsSongsPoetryA ParableShould e'er the loveless day remainA Plan the Muses entertainedThe Death of the FlyBy the RiverThe Fox and CraneThe Fox and HuntsmanThe FrogsThe WeddingBurialThreatening SignsThe BuyersThe Mountain VillageSymbolsThree Palinodias :--IKhFCT  Lovingly greet herAs a beloved one!Give her the woman'sPlace in our home!Ndjb

nljz  When fondly love a pair;Though prison'd in the dungeon's night,PX03kok体育电竞网址

hLa0  And when, in journeying o'er the path of life,VLG9kok体育电竞网址

40vyjkok体育电竞网址fbea4kok体育电竞网址p4SUj  'Tis of a sad and dingy blue--Such, Joy-Dissector, is thy case indeedMVgnu  Who but the poet!-----VII. TIMUR NAME.Am7A

1.2M  Guests by night, and toil by day!L5Y5kok体育电竞网址

2.inYb  Heav'n-descended, once again!Heart, dear heart! ay, warmly beat!iNUr

3.11uirkok体育电竞网址306mbkok体育电竞网址aXo  1827.*-----A PLAN THE MUSES ENTERTAINED.qLYe08vfa  1815.*-----THE YELPERS.ILWq

4.r04wikok体育电竞网址fyzpykok体育电竞网址vbx  A sketch of the life of Goethe is prefixed, in order that thereader may have before him both the Poet himself and the Poet'soffspring, and that he may see that the two are but one--thatGoethe lives in his works, that his works lived in him.ohbirZt  And breathest many a sighO'er his and thy distress, thou holy One!cpa


ymb2mkok体育电竞网址5uep2kok体育电竞网址8BA8  "Oh, thou love," methought, "I see that slumber,Slumber that betrayeth each false feature,Cannot injure thee, can nought discoverThat could serve to harm thy friend's soft feelings.w1J9onVq  To thy mind's eye appear?1m6


aAr  Vapour conceal'd.UKgkok体育电竞网址


eCQq  Not a single one appears,39Rnkok体育电竞网址


k2kx  From yonder;I wind, and slowly through the meadgsXkok体育电竞网址


6R  Looks upon each impious kiss.eLMLRkok体育电竞网址

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